Swing'N on a Star

Premier Wedding Band in Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia
What to look for in a Wedding Band

Swing’N On A Star has been making great memories at hundreds of weddings, parties and banquets since 1966! The philosophy is simple. Customer/audience enjoyment and the success of the event is our complete focus. It has to be right, you can’t go back and do it again. So it is our responsibility to take every bit of care to ensure that the right music is played, at the right time, at the right volume and is perfectly coordinated to augment the magic of the moment. We work with every client, beyond just the musical performance to understand special preferences and programming logistics. By combining our ideas and experiences with client needs, we make sure that the entire event is worry-free while it unfolds in an atmosphere of celebratory sophistication and fun. Swing’N On A Star always does more than is expected, providing the most value for your entertainment budget, either setting an elegant background, or leading all your friends on the floor for a rousing Hora, Legends of Rock and Roll, Latin, Swing or Big Band Set .

Swing’N On A Star can also perform “shows” featuring A Salute to Broadway, Remembering The Big Band Era, and That Motown Sound!

While many bands now “perform” with sequenced parts, which is really just prerecorded music, Swing’N On A Star performs live music, custom selected for your immediate audience and pleasure. Swing’N on A Star has an extraordinary repertoire of music for most adult tastes. We feature swing, classic rock and roll, Latin, pop-standards, Broadway, Jazz, Motown, Disco and a variety Ballroom and Ethnic music.

Swing’N On A Star performs as a four, five or six piece ensemble that sounds like a Big Band. However, we are available in any combination including solo piano or guitar, duets, trios, quartets, and can add pieces as desired beyond the regular members .

Swing’N On A Star, originally created and has performed as the Toronados, on television, at Presidential Inaugural Balls, at the Kennedy Center, many diplomatic functions and making memories for hundreds of brides, grooms, their families, and friends. Let Swing’N on A Star put you in the mood for excitement, fun, love and everything that makes great memories for a lifetime! Swing’N On A Star, is also a terrific price value!

Some pictures of the band in their studio in Maryland


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